About us

Laura Cepeda was born on 29th february, 1995 in Sincelejo/Sucre, where the mixture of caribbean cultures prevails. This mix sealed her style and inspiration from the beginning. Laura, among a straightforward immediate family, inherited from her mother the pleasure of creating. Little by little, the doll’s dresses began to take shape and then became into real-life dresses that Laura wore for parties and social meetings, where the fascination about them among the assistants, jumped to sight.At just 16 years old, she made her first sale, a pair of shoes that matched a dress also designed by Laura. Since there, she knew that her dream could become real and so it was. Later, with only 22 years old, she has achieved to be present in local and international fashion shows well renowned as the New York Fashion Week and the Panama Fashion Week, standing out among the others due to her defiant designs.  "The designs that bear my name are colorful, with attitude, impressive. Like all the women I look up to" This is how Laura defines her shoes. Currently, her designs are in 10+ countries around the world in seek that the women that wear them walk free, captivating eyes and hearts, challenging the conventional.

Our shoes are the cover for the women who walk free through the endless streets of the fashion world, while being impossible not to look at. We are inspired by the simple things in life, but we transform them into extraordinary ones: color, feminity, places that connect us with our truly being, our plants and our unquestionable love for animals. Also, due to this love for animals, we have never used their lives to bring our shoes to life. We are 100% vegans.You will find out that our shoes always have an unique detail, paying tribute to the symmetrical imperfection of nature and our unquestionable love for fashion. The ties you will find in every one of them, depict the union of this admiration for nature and fashion; from the simple to the extraordinary.